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Studio Kairos

Studio Kairos is 20 years old in November 2023!

Kairos comes from the Greek word meaning timeless, the opposite of chronos, which means linear or mechanical.

We all live in man-made mechanical time with tight deadlines and are constantly racing against time. In Kairos or natural time, we can tune in to our natural rhythms and cycles, which fluctuate according to our bio-rhythms. In Nia one of the White Belt principles is Natural Time.

It was my dream to create a dedicated space for us to do the wonderful work of Nia. I have endless gratitude for this dream coming to fruition. Once again, this Nia Johannesburg space could not have been created without the amazingly enthusiastic students, teachers and trainers who display and share their gifts with such courage and generosity.

Susan Sloan (White Belt Trainer, and Studio Kairos Founding Member)

Our History

The first Nia class started in 2003 with Susan Sloan and her White Belt colleagues, Ann Schwankhart and Michelle Hudson. Soon after, Susan created Studio Kairos as the demand for more classes grew. We now offer 15 Nia classes a week, and are grateful to our Nia students and the support of our dedicated teachers.

In November 2006, Studio Kairos moved to the Dunkeld Bowls Club, 15 Hume Road, Dunkeld West.

Kim Hatchuel is Susan’s Studio Partner and looks after the administration and general running of the Studio.

The Studio is eternally grateful to Simon for his constant love and attention in keeping the space in tip-top shape!

Our Mission

Studio Kairos will continue to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for the community to explore and express body/mind awareness, and expand their lives. Everyone will be able to nourish and cultivate their body, mind and spirit as our classes are carefully chosen for their effectiveness and overall enjoyment. We aim to educate and empower people to live happier, healthier lives. We also offer continuing education, training and workshops.

Our Vision

We envision that Studio Kairos will continue to provide support for the community with uplifting activities, opportunities for joyful present moment engagement, providing excellence in educational, cultural and recreational experiences. We will provide opportunities for the community to continue to enjoy the benefits of Nia, while celebrating creativity and diversity in a supportive joyful community.

Our Values


We believe that by providing opportunities to express themselves, individuals will achieve their full potential.


Recognising and respecting individual needs, we will provide a wide-range of unique and interesting classes, workshops and trainings.


We will strive to exceed expectations by offering quality experiences and by listening to our members’ feedback to grow and improve.


We will actively seek new ideas and partnerships for the mutual benefit of the community at large.


We will ensure that we are able to respond in a positive and uplifting manner, with all available resources being utilised to support the Mission and Vision.


In the spirit of togetherness, we will encourage open participation with mutual trust and respect. We recognise that good partnership in dancing is a lovely metaphor for good partnering relationship in the world.

What Makes Us Unique

Studio Kairos is the perfect space for Nia. It is big and bright and very connected to the outside world, with its huge windows overlooking the bowling green.

The space allows us to bring in lots of natural light and sound and we can celebrate with our teachers and international trainers.

The space has an atmosphere of cooperation and acceptance, without any competition.

We have installed beautiful wooden floors, which are kept very clean every day by Simon our caretaker.

We have experienced and certified Nia teachers/trainers.

There is ample parking.

Where to find us