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The 6 Stances of Nia with Susan Sloan

As you STEP IN to a new year, back in to work and in to your routines, why not learn some new moves with me?

These 6 Stances are the ...
building blocks of stability. Each one brings something to the body:

1) Closed Stance trains the upper body to work efficiently with the lower body. The sound is "o".

2) Open Stance improves hip joint strength and flexibility, for increased comfort in moving.

3) A Stance improves hip flexibility and leg strength, which improves agility and mobility.

4) Sumo Stance is excellent conditioning for all muscles of the legs, say "Ha"

5) Bow Stance is excellent conditioning for walking and for dealing with changes in levels as you descend and ascend, changing the body's center of gravity.

6) Cat Stance improves balance and therefore your ability to move at various speeds.

This is just the beginning. To find out more about the Nia education through a transformational Art of Sensation Training, email or go to The next training is 3-9 February, STEP IN!
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